DIY Spa Day Essentials: How to Have the Perfect Spa Day at Home

Amidst the hustle-bustle of today’s world, it is incredibly essential to have a dedicated day for ourselves, to relax and recharge your mind and body. Not everyone can afford an opulence of a day at a spectacular spa. So, what? Nothing can stop you from treating yourself at your sweet home. Here comes the list of essentials to set a perfect spa day at your place.

Create an ambient atmosphere:

Setting up a relaxing environment is the first things that need to do to get the right mood. Dim light, fluffy towels, scented candles, lavender oil diffuser candles, rose water and your favorite cold fruity drink creates a perfect day of pampering. While having your nutritious food at your home spa, sip lemon water in between.

DIY face masks:

Everyone’s skin texture is distinct. Accordingly, you make your mask with the right ingredients. Yogurt-honey face masks are ideal for most of the skin types, and it is useful in treating acne and wrinkles and also plumps the skin. Also, face scrubs can ward off clogs that make the skin suffocate and blemishes.

Eye Gel:

Puffiness and black circles beneath the eyes are the prominent issues of many women. Cucumber gel works as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Prepare cucumber to get all by yourself, gently massage with it around the eyes, lie down and relax. Puffiness magically vanishes.

Bath bomb:

A spa would be incomplete without a warm bathtub furnished with bath bombers. Why spend so much on bath bombers when you can make your own at home? Visit TopBathRobe for more ideas to create bath bombs.


Foot soaks are easy to make at home with ingredients like Listerine, essential oils and exfoliating agents. Soak your foot inside the magical mixture; it helps to get rid of dry for and cracked heels. Massage your super soft feet with peppermint cream afterward.