Why Do You Need a Luxury Image Consultant?

The new era of Luxury Image Consultants

Technology is developing day by day with the help of human brains. Every technology has some unique feature that takes the world to the next era. Luxury Image Consultancy helps in bringing the people to the upcoming period.

This is kind of a job, which grooms our every personality to bring in balance. They take care of our fashion, style, communication skills, public speaking, body language, behavior, among others. Body language is a significant factor in visual communication.

In this competitive world, everyone has been comparing themselves with the other. So this consultant will be helpful for the betterment of every individual both in social and professional life.

From a higher level to lower level, for example, from business people to ordinary employees, they guide each and everyone depending on their needs and roles.

There are a few types of consultants:

Luxury wedding consultant

Marriage is one of the heavenly occasions in everyone’s life. Like the sayings of our elders, the match is decided in heaven.

So it must be perfect. Hiring a consultant will help the people to buy the outfit, which is suitable for the personality of brides. It is like the right wardrobe for the people.

Luxury wedding consultants quite often outsource the task of gift buying. They hire people to buy amazing wedding gifts at websites like partywedding. This saves them an awful lot of time.

Luxury celebrity consultant

This consultant is mainly for celebrities or stars. They act as an advisor or guide to the celebrities about the brands or items like perfumes, watches, cars, wines, clothes, and other branded items.

The people who work in this consultant also travel with them to the mind-boggling cities to suggest upcoming trends according to the growing economy.

Luxury brand consultant

Every individual is surrounded by goals, personality, characteristics, lifestyle, and so on. Each character has been inclined more to sporty, romantic, dramatic, and traditional.

This brand consultant takes their precious time and examine the individuality of the person and helps to set the whole new brand wardrobe according to their personality traits and choose the cozy kind of brand.

Corporate Stylist

Every higher official, like Chief Executive Officer, Director, or owner of the company wants to maintain the image in society. The corporate world is different from our natural world. These persons have to be conscious of the organizational culture.

By the suggestion of this consultant, they know the culture like dress code, work etiquette, etc. For creating a reputed image in the social etiquette is a must. Perfect etiquette in the social engagements and business meetings goes a long way in creating a powerful image.

handshake between trading partner and image consultant

Political Stylist

Politicians have a vital role in developing our countries. They have international meetings across the world. This requires them to be outstanding with their personality and blend in with the people according to their culture.

Every politician should be aware of global cultures, greetings, traditions, and dress codes according to the occasion and purpose of meetings.

Travel Consultants

The people who work in the travel consultant should be aware of the various luxury hotels, private jets, yachts, and cruises for special occasions. Travel Consultants choose the best option and customize itineraries with a detailed travel plan in the best possible way for the customers.

They have a piece of knowledge about each city, the best dining places, the best shopping places, according to one’s budget, personality, and taste.

In this busy world, personality and self-confidence have become an essential part. These luxury consultants can achieve this. They will teach the best approach of positive variation and how to remove the negative variations.

It gives a branded experience that would be used to improve your personality and image in this competitive world.

Ultimate Guideline for Giving Gifts

Gift Giving Guide

We should give gifts without any expectation of something in return. They are something gifted to someone to express that the person is valued and that you appreciate them.

It makes people feel special and loved. But if you become a stingy person on gifts, people notice.

It is okay to make a few mistakes, but when you regularly keep forgetting to gift, you are said to be a mean-spirited, stingy person and worse to be lacking in manners. It shouldn’t necessarily be a big expensive gift.

Instead, a small token is appreciated. A thoughtful gift, wrapped beautifully, reflects your taste, personal style, and refinement.

welsh dragon souvenirs and gifts

Points to remember

  1. When shopping for a gift, keep the recipient’s need and liking in mind. Buy a gift that he or she would like, not what you think the person should have.
  2. Gifts should not highlight one’s shortcomings. Avoid buying gifts like self-improvement guides such as books on improvement on public speaking skills.
  3. Personal gifts like lingerie to women or boxers to men should be given only by fiance, long-term girlfriend, or wife.
  4. While shopping gifts for children, keep in mind that the present does not be noisy, has too many small parts, and requires a lot of assembling.
  5. Don’t make people embarrassed by spending too much on their gifts. If someone is struggling financially and you spend a lot on an extravagant gift for him, you could make him feel uncomfortable rather than being appreciative.

If you are confused and curious to know about gift etiquette, here’s something to guide you:

These are all the occasions where one should ideally give a gift.

  1. Call to visit someone’s home for the first time.
  2. Invitation to someone’s house for a meal or a party – Carry a ‘Thank you’ gift along for the host or hostess.
  3. Your children’s invitation to their friend’s home for a playdate – Carry something little for your children’s friend.
  4. A celebration like a birthday party, anniversary, a baby shower, a wedding, a farewell party, a housewarming, new job, graduation, etc.– Carry something for the person who is the center of the celebration.
  5. At the office – Celebration of a colleague’s birthday, promotion, a victory of your team.

Though you aren’t expected to give a gift but giving a little-handwritten card is a thoughtful touch. It’s also an excellent way to express appreciation to your colleagues and your boss by choosing to gift small token gifts during Christmas or Diwali or New Year.

The most challenging thing for some of you is while receiving gifts. Sometimes, people don’t understand how to be gracious recipients when someone gives them presents.

All you need to do is:

  • Say “thank you” with sincerity and gratefulness in your voice even if you do not like the gift as you are thanking the person for the effort to give you a gift and for caring for you.
  • Remark on that one specific thing about the gift that you like, even if the gift is not suitable, for example- the wrong size or color.
  • If someone gives you a gift card or money as a gift, let the person know how you plan to use it. “This will come in handy for my school books this semester, Uncle. Thanks. I appreciate it!”

When someone invites you to a party or dinner or celebration, thank your host, at least through a text message.

And if you had been to a kiddie birthday party and got a return gift back for your child, make sure you say ‘thank you.’ Just like gifting inappropriate, not saying ‘thank you’ shows poor manners.

Gifts you can give someone on various occasions

  1. Housewarming: Home decor gifts like scented candles, flower vase, etc.
  2. Wedding: Crockery set, picture frame, home decor items, appliances, or short trips.
  3. Birthday: Small surprise, flowers, cake, accessories, etc.
  4. For newborn: Cute clothes, fancy sleeping bed, baby-care products, strollers, towels, etc.
  5. Wedding Anniversary: Couple wristwatch, jewelry, perfumes, short trips, etc.
  6. Special events like promotion, graduation, and more: Accessories, congratulatory card, purse or wallet for women and men respectively,
  7. Christmas: Gift hampers, soft toys for kids, self-care hampers, etc.

Choosing the perfect gift for someone can be a very challenging task. Therefore it might be smart to visit stonefoot.de and get inspiration from the excellent gift ideas they have listed on their website!

The joy of giving presents should be in making one happy and not in “keeping score” or trying to beat someone else.

We should remember that we are supposed to give gifts because we want to and not because we are obligated to, then the recipients will receive them more happily.

What is an Image Consultant?

With the day to day increase of social media needs and the primary need is to have the perfect image uploaded/ updated on social media so that the individual can gain as many likes as they can.

With such a demanding nature of society comes the need to have a helping hand in this field too. An image consultant can solve all such problems. But who exactly is an image consultant?

Who is an image consultant?

An image consultant is a professional who helps people in presenting their best image. People who actively take part in the social media world need an image consultant every time to resolve their image-related issues.

Aspiring models also consult to an image consultant regarding their portfolio shoots. An image consultant happens to be the need of the hour. He/She is a mentor who guides people to showcase their set of best skills in the world.

They guide people in styling, fashion, and also groom their overall personality. They also help to boost an individual’s self-esteem. People seeking advice for wardrobe ideas and customization of a unique wardrobe can contact an image consultant.

people meeting with image consultant


Skills required to be an image consultant

An image consultant needs to have specialization in the following fields – overall grooming, styling, fashion, accessories, etc. The fixtures include both spoken conversation skills and body language.

It encompasses skills like body language, life skill, public speaking, behavior, and etiquette. These people are skilled in grooming a person’s personality based on their professional needs. They are certified, professionals having specialized skills to mentor individuals efficiently.

They can be employed as luxury wedding experts, celebrity stylists, and personal shoppers.

How to become an image consultant?

The need for image consultants is increasing day by day as the circle of the social media world is expanding. Therefore, to be an image consultant an individual needs to follow the five easy steps:

image consultant advising a young couple

1. Enroll yourself for the course

When you decide to become an image consultant, gather as much information about the profession as you can. Take up online or offline courses as per your need and convenience.

2. Have in-field experience

Apply for internships to gather knowledge because being an image consultant is a great responsibility. You are assigned the work of grooming a person’s overall personality. Their whole identity depends on how you portray them. So, it needs experience.

3. Take up a specialty

Have specialization so that you can take up clients who need help in a specific field. Having more than one specialization would prove to be beneficial. But, have command over your specialty.

4. Create a portfolio

To shine out among the others, build your portfolio to showcase your skills and experience. The clients will approach you based on your portfolio.

5. Offer freelance services

To build up your career, you can provide freelance services so that you build up a trustworthy partnership with your clients. When you have such a partnership with clients, you will be able to approach other clients as well, and hence it will help you to boost your career.

The profession of an image consultant is a luxury for both the clients as well as the professional. The article has described an image consultant in great detail and also the steps to become an image consultant.

The profession includes a high pay level as well as risk in case if the person is not experienced enough.

Tips You Should Consider Before Starting An Image Consulting Business

Have you considered starting an Image Consulting business, but feel like you get held up by where to start?

What would it be advisable for me to do first? Do I get customers first or fabricate a site? What courses would it be a good idea for me to take? Do I need a degree or testament of some kind?

These are altogether legitimate inquiries and ones we have heard ordinarily previously. Beginning a business can be exorbitant if not done right and slip-ups are the place the greater part of our cash can be lost. We have a few hints on certain means you can take to begin without placing a ding in your monetary dependability. Begin by choosing what sort of clients you should target. This will be your client base and knowing their needs and characterizing how to address those issues will be significant.

Compose A Strategy

This arrangement will be an incredible guide however isn’t something that should be unchangeable. You will need to update your arrangement once every 3-6 months as your business develops and you better comprehend the client request.

Try Not To Leave The Place Of Employment That Takes Care Of The Tabs

For practically any business, the principal year can be entirely lean. You would prefer not to worry about how to take care of the tabs while beginning another profession. Begin working your new business low maintenance in the nighttimes and on the ends of the week until things get. Your present place of employment can likewise assist you with financing the necessities beginning a systematic this will require, for example, preparing, supplies and the sky is the limit from there.

Start Organizing

No one can tell when and how you may locate your exceptional specialty in the business, however, systems administration can help. A system with speakers occasion organizers, wedding advisors, business experts and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Go to systems administration occasions in your general vicinity. You can generally check with your Chamber of Commerce to discover these or join the Chamber and get much progressively inside data.

Start Making Your Promoting Materials

Leaflets, business cards, letterhead and more can assist you with beginning to get the message out about your contributions. You could even consider doing a mailing to advertising firms or different organizations that are following the clients you are attempting to reach. Continuously convey your business card with you. No one can tell when you will meet somebody who may be keen on working with you or know somebody who is.

Start Preparing In The Territories You Wish To Work In

Taking a Personal Image Consulting Course or Corporate Image Consulting course will give you the believability you have to show clients you know your stuff. On the off chance that you intend to apply cosmetics on your clients or work with their hair, check with your state as some may require a cosmetology permit to offer those administrations.

Start assembling a rundown and putting resources into things you should maintain your business and offer better administrations. For example, if you intend to work with corporate customers, you might need to think about acquiring a camcorder so you can give them how their non-verbal communication and discourse has improved while working with them. On the off chance that you plan on indicating individuals how their picture has transformed you might need to think about a decent camera. Consider what you truly require and do your examination before making any huge buys.

These are only a couple of the things you should do before beginning an Image Consulting business. If you might want a guide on how to begin your business and some astonishing instruments to begin, look at our Quick Start Course at The Studio. A little venture with some huge outcomes!